Monday, 26 May 2014

The Search


I search for happiness...
Through wealth
Through position
Through power
Through beauty
But the more I try to dig it
The happiness fades 

I search for love...
Spent my life running for creation's love
I got the love
But the more I run for it
The more it evades me
Too much of conditions
And I lost it

I search for the world...
What I've got

I closed my eyes
Lowered my head
Stay still in that position
With humbled
Asked for strength
From whom
From The One who has the answers

The search...

I search for happiness...
Through Allah
I saw someone else struggle for a better life
Then I realized
How blessed I am
I have all I need

I search for love...
 People's heart turns easily
But Allah never leaves me alone
Run towards HIM
In the belief
The love of creation will run after me 

Reflection of life...
Search completion in the incomplete.

Intan Zubaidah bt Mohamad Hatta
Home Alone!

“O Allah I ask You a soul (self) that is contented with You; accepting Your decree, contented with what You give, and believe in meeting You.”

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