Friday, 17 October 2014

To write...

This maybe cliche advice
To write beautiful things
One has to read
To write such deep things
One has to read
To know how to write beautifully
One has to read

Read in any topics you can
Don't just be a stagnant reader
The one who reads only one genre
That's boring

Go for politics, economics, sciences,
All those mind blowing stuff
You may not know what you will find
And from there
You may know what kind of thoughts you may discover

Observe people, learn from them
Not backbiting or labelling them
To learn from life can actually help you to write
To write you have to think
To think you have to see
To see you have to ponder upon things
To ponder upon things you have to have a kind heart
A heart full of positivity

Then you can start writing a quality stuff
Unlike this


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Monday, 6 October 2014

Bed Time Story #7: Allah knows best


Hai Incik Bloggie!!!

Sebelum tidur nak share satu cerita yang kawan saya share dengan saya. Disebabkan saya rasa cerita ini bermanfaat so, saya pun share lah cerita ni di sini... *maafkan saya, ayat tunggang langgang...type dalam keadaan dah mengantuk...*


A King had a male servant who, in all circumstances always said to him; My king, do not be discouraged  because everything Allah does is perfect, no mistakes.
One day, they went hunting and a wild animal attacked the king, the servant managed to kill the animal but couldn't prevent his majesty from losing a finger.
Furious and without showing gratitude, the King said; if Allah was good, I would not have been attacked and lost one finger.
The servant replied 'despite all these things, I can only tell you that Allah is good and everything He does is perfect, He is never
Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his servant.
While being taken to prison, he told the king again, Allah is Good & Perfect.
Another day, the king left alone for another hunt and was captured by
savages who use human beings for sacrifice.
On the altar, the savages found out that the king didn't have one finger in place, he was released because he was considered not "complete" to be offered to the gods.
On his return to the palace, he ordered the release of his servant and said; My friend, Allah was really good to me. I was almost killed but for lack of a single finger. I was let go. But I have a question; If Allah is so good, why did He
allow me to put you in prison?
His servant replied; My king, if I had not been put in prison, I would have gone with you, and would have been sacrificed, because I have no missing finger. Everything Allah does is perfect, He is never wrong.
Often we complain about life, and the negative thinking in us kills the positivity in think positive and trust Allah at every moment....

Allah knows why he choose you to read this message today, please bless someone with it by sharing it. Allah is good and perfect.


Till we meet again Incik Bloggie...

Selamat malam dunia penuh pancaroba.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"Be in my shoes..."


Hai Incik Bloggie...

Hari ini terasa seperti mampu bernafas dengan lega buat seketika. Buat seketikalah sebab ada segunung cabaran menantiku di hadapan sana *ecewah...hyperbola habis ayat!*. Mengambil masa lapang ni untuk singgah sebentar di sini.

Sebelum ini aku anggap aku faham semuanya...
Apa yang dia rasa...
Apa yang kamu rasa...
Apa yang mereka rasa...

Sebelum ini aku anggap aku faham semuanya...
Semua yang dia, kamu dan mereka rasa

Tiba-tiba ada seketika aku kehilangan  kasut
Aku hilang arah
Lalu aku pinjam kasut
Dia, kamu dan mereka
Jalan semuanya sumpah berbeza
Tidak seperti apa yang kufikirkan
Tidak seperti apa yang aku rasa
Aku ingat  aku faham semua itu...

Sebelum ini aku anggap aku faham semuanya...
Dengan hanya melihat dan mendengar
Aku anggap aku faham semuanya
Tetapi tidak sama dengan merasainya sendiri
Maafkan aku...

Ya maafkan aku, sekarang aku nampak jalan itu sumpah lebih mencabar dari apa yang aku fikirkan.

Lega...kerana kini aku benar-benar faham. Harap dengan sepenuh kefahaman.

Ya, kita tak akan dapat bayang dan rasa sama seperti apa yang orang itu rasa dan alami. Namun realitinya jalan kita semuanya berbeza. Our battle, our trial, our challenge, our barrier is different. Apa yang aku belajar, jangan kritik perjuangan orang andai kita tak faham apa yang dia rasa. Kritik yang membina mungkin di maafkan. ^_^v

Lega...sebab dapat mengomel di sini, dapat release stress sudah!

P/S: I'm only human and Allah has given me a very sensitive heart. Everyday I need to fight and have a 'small battle' with the sensitive heart since sometimes it deviate from the original path.  Though my heart has many scars due to the daily battle, it still function well till today.  Alhamdulillah. 

"But I'm only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I'm only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
'Cause I'm only human"

*Rasa masa off topic pulak...dunno...hanya rasa nak mengomel je...semoga bermanfaat...*

Till will me again Incik Bloggie!


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