Friday, 17 October 2014

To write...

This maybe cliche advice
To write beautiful things
One has to read
To write such deep things
One has to read
To know how to write beautifully
One has to read

Read in any topics you can
Don't just be a stagnant reader
The one who reads only one genre
That's boring

Go for politics, economics, sciences,
All those mind blowing stuff
You may not know what you will find
And from there
You may know what kind of thoughts you may discover

Observe people, learn from them
Not backbiting or labelling them
To learn from life can actually help you to write
To write you have to think
To think you have to see
To see you have to ponder upon things
To ponder upon things you have to have a kind heart
A heart full of positivity

Then you can start writing a quality stuff
Unlike this


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