Friday, 9 May 2014

Pop Quiz!

Do you want to play pop quiz?
Ok. Let's play!!! *excited!*
What is love?
Do you know where feeling comes from?
Psychologist said feeling comes from brain
Do you know where is your brain?
In my headof coz
Do you think you can feel it?
Of coz I can't feel it physically. But I can find it…its right…here *raba2 kepala*
Do you feel love?
Do you know where is your love?
Aaaaa…Difficult question…I don't know…
Do you think you have it with you?
Emm…I'm not so sure…
Do you think you lost it?
I don't know.
Do you think feeling of love is mystery?
Then what's in your brain is a mystery…


Are you at peace with yourself?
Emmm…yes & no
Sometimes~~~internal conflict 


You felt something so strong, but…

Not everything happened as how your brain thought.


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