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Sekadar nak berkongsi maklumat. Ni semua gara-gara terbaca post Ahmad Fedtri Yahya pasal Anuptaphobia. Randomly search on the internet, then I found 16 'normal' phobias that 'we' didn't aware had name. *I mean; 'we' utk orang2 yg tak tahu macam aku. Kepada yang memang aware, tabik spring satu kali!*.

1. Anuptaphobia

The fear of being or staying single. You know, like, forever.

2. Athazagoraphobia

The fear of being forgotten, ignored, or abandoned. This phobia has a theme song.

3. Blennophobia

A fear of slime. Watching old episodes ofYou Can't Do That on Television might be just what the doctor ordered.

4. Gelotophobia

The fear of being laughed at. Incidentally, there's no fear of being laughed with.

5. Gerascophobia

The fear of growing old. You'll grow into—and out of—it.

6. Glossophobia

The fear of speaking in public. Statistics say it's the #1 phobia of Americans, followed by thanatophobia, fear of death.

7. Hellenologophobia

The fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology. Perhaps it's just fear of mispronouncing them!

8. Kakorrhaphiophobia

The fear of failure or defeat. Hard to overcome. Harder to say.

9. Lockiophobia

The fear of childbirth. If you don't suffer from this, you're probably a man.

10. Macrophobia

A fear of long waits. See also: fear of going to the DMV.

11. Metathesiophobia

A fear of change. Often irrationally coupled with fear of things staying the same.

12. Nyctohylophobia

The fear of dark wooded areas or of forests at night. This one's endorsed by the horror movie industry.

13. Obesophobia

A fear of gaining weight. Interestingly, there's no official fear of going to the gym. (Gymnophobia is the fear of nudity.)

14. Ophthalmophobia

The fear of being stared at. Does not include being stared at admiringly.

15. Politicophobia

The fear or abnormal dislike of politicians. A truly bipartisan concern.

16. Syngenesophobia

A fear of relatives. This tends to flare up during the holidays.

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Tetiba rasa cam ada yang kena je dengan diri. Sikitlah~~~bukan tahap kritikal *macam tu boleh bagi fobia jugakkah???*

And ya...ada banyak lagi nama fobia lain yang pelik-pelik dan aku tak sangka pun sebenarnya wujud. *You need a lot of reading intan...cer rajin sikit!*.

Tapi pelikkah bila seseorang tu ada fobia? Each of us ada benda tersendiri yang kita takut or tak suka. Kan kan kan. Cuba duduk sorang-sorang tanya diri sendiri. Moral of the story, jangan gelakkan orang yang takut lipas! *eh tetiba~~~*.

P/S: Siapa takut lipas, saya bersedia untuk melawan lipas tu untuk anda. Need help, please contact me!

That all from me. Setakat berbasa basi di sini mengisi masa lapang di hospital menemani adik tersayang.

Till we meet again Incik Bloggie!


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