Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Take 5: 27 Things To Do Before You Settle Down


Hai Incik Bloggie!!!

Teringat masa zaman kerja dulu kalau take 5 je memang laju je guna masa nak meng'update' blog. Sekarang ni...zzzZzzZZ...opps! Rindu pulak zaman kerja dulu. Nanti dah habis belajar mula la nak rindu-rinduan zaman study pulak. Pelik-pelik kan manusia sorang ni mihmihmih.

Petang2 yang mendung ni saje je suka2 nak update '27 Things To Do Before You Settle Down'. Somehow sekarang dah tak ada dah orang tanya bila lagi...bila lagi... senang hati ceq!!! Miahahaha.

Actually the list is based on based one video shared by my friend on her Facebook. Ada certain point tu aku rasa tak sesuai untuk muslim, so I just cross it out and change with another thing.

1. Travel with your best friends
2. Learn to cook
3. Be financially independent
4. Face one of your biggest fears
5. Live alone
6. Accomplish a goal
7. Find your drink of choice Spend time with family especially parents
8. Make the first move
9. Challenge yourself
10. Take a road trip
11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself
12. Live somewhere else
13. Learn to drive manual
14. Find a new show and watch it all in one weekend
15. Get fit
16. Build something with your hands
17. Stay up until sunrise
18. See your favourite artist live
19. Make a list of books to read and then read them all
20. Learn to fight
21. Volunteer
22. Try a new hobby
23. Apply for your dream job
24. Keep a journal
25. Have a long conversation with a stranger
26. Do something crazy and spontaneous
27. Get to know yourself!
*My own list
28. Enhance knowledge of your religion.

For me it is great list & memang sesuai untuk orang macam aku yang masa depan nak 'settle down' tu masih kabur bak ruang udara Malaysia yang dikaburi dek jerebu sekarang niAhaks! I will try all except for living alone since still have a family. Dan lagi satu, 'make a first move' macam Siti Khadijah meminang Rasulullah SAW. Mampu?

That's all from me. Till we meet again Incik Bloggie!


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